Thursday, October 26, 2017

Oh to have explored Canada's Prairies back then

I see photos like these being posted on Facebook. I read the comments that say "Oh to have explored Canada's prairies back then". It's then that I realize I'm on the right track with this Trains and Grains project. Right where I need to be. The sweet spot.

How can such a recent era be so forgotten due to being under-documented? Actually, very easily.
Aluminum hoppers and Standard, Alberta harvesting.
Look up, look way up.


  1. Cool! Those are pics I posted on FB! I found them in some old Country Guide magazines I bought at an antique store. Those magazines are great for old farming and elevator pics from the '60s and '70s! I am happy you appreciated them. And your idea for a blog post is awesome. I grew up right beside a railway and grain elevators at Donalda, AB and have always had a life-long fascination with both.

  2. And fine photos they are, Tim! We used to get Country Guide magazine, and the first photo (actually a pretty good one!) of CP grain boxcars was from cover photo of Country Guide!

    I realized in the mid-1980s that the wooden elevators' time was limited. Glad I got out and photographed 'em!
    Thanks for your comment,


Trains and Grains not only looks up, way up, your comments are looked forward to!