Monday, April 30, 2018

The Numbers Game, and, You'll Be The First to Know

I've been a little too cryptic lately in these update posts. Two questions to stress right now:
  • How large a print run?
  • How will you know it's done?
I'll guess at the first bullet point. I'll include contributor complimentary copies and expressions of interest in Volume 1 - TRAINS and Volume 2 - GRAINS. There will be no formal expressions-of-interest from me. No pre-booking. No pre-publication. I've predicted 10 copies and I'll be thinking hard about that number.

For the second bullet point: I spoke to my graphic designer on the weekend. Volume 1 is just about done, and Volume 2 is 50% done. And yes, faithful reader, you'll know when they're ready. Between rolling the presses and availability, there'll be final pricing, marketing and getting ready to fill orders.

I am still promising Spring 2018 availability!
Seems do-able.
Look up, look way up,

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