Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Trains & Grains Now Available!

The books have arrived! To order, see sidebar at left. I usually ship within two business days of receiving your order. I'd like to thank everyone who contributed, commented or supported this Trains & Grains project in any way!

Sample pages! Volume 1: Data, text, observations and photos. Portage la Prairie 1976 to 1986! Click for larger versions of each sample page.

Sample pages! Volume 2: Photos and text. Grain elevators 1976 to 1986! Click for larger versions of each sample page!


  1. Excellent news, Eric. My order form is in the mail!

  2. Your books arrived this AM. Outstanding work! Thanks for taking 7 months out of your already busy schedule to compile all this information. Your commitment to sharing information is second to none. Best regards Randy O'Brien

    1. Thanks for those kind words, Randy. And thanks for your participation in this project. I don't actually feel like I'm that busy when a project as enjoyable as this one is underway!
      Much appreciated,


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