Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Just Observed!

Just finished! Portage la Prairie! It only took thirty-some years, but I collected and collated my trackside observations from Portage. There are GMD1s, CP F-units on freight (above), grain train consists, lumber trains, VIA trains and so much neat stuff!

I've got dates, times, locomotive consists, car counts, caboose numbers. Organized. These will fit very nicely in this upcoming project, accompanied by photos.

Look up, look way up.


  1. Hey Eric, As one who models Portage la Prairie, it goes without saying, I can hardly wait ! With detailed info like that at hand I might have to rethink my timeline. Perhaps giving up my "proto freelance" operations and moving closer to a straight "prototype" layout. LOL
    Thanks in advance for your efforts compiling and publishing this information.
    Even if its for only (doubtful) 11 persons !
    Best regards, Randy O'Brien

  2. Thanks for your enthusiasm, Randy! There should be lots of prototype Portage information in the project. You may even be able to pick an era. The dearth of elevators would be a timeline cutoff, as would VIA operations in town in various eras.

    Thanks for supporting the ten (eleven) fans, and for your comment!


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