Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Diana, Can't You See You Drive Me Wild?

So sang Canada's Bryan Adams. He was not singing about this Diana. But this one drove me wild. I drove right up to it, in fact! I was on a two-day elevator tour south of Regina in a chilly September-end in 1985. This shipping point was completely unexpected and was not marked on my map, though it was marked on this 1924 Saskatchewan Wheat Pool schematic 
Now I'm moving from Manitoba into Saskatchewan as I document my two-day sojourn there in 1985. In Saskatchewan, CN's Glenavon and Lewvan Subdivisions and CP's Tyvan and Portal Subdivisions yielded some good photography opportunities if not good weather! In fact, there were snowflakes and grasshoppers in the air.

Looking back through my photos which will be included in this project, I'm surprised at the number of elevator rows that are utterly and completely....gone. 

Look up, look way up.

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