Monday, December 18, 2017

Trains OR Grains?

No, it's Trains and Grains, but recently I wondered if one could exist without the other. Were potential book readers more interested in grain trains or grain elevators? Was that decision point even a thing? Apparently not.

The results of a largely unscientific Blogger widget poll on this Trains and Grains blog revealed zero percent preferred grain trains over grain elevators. However, 25% preferred grain elevators over grain trains. But here's the big news: 75% voted for 'Do I Have To Choose? Now that is not a result I would have expected.

Aren't they separate things? Well, I guess not. You can't fill a grain elevator without having a grain train going down the track to help empty it. And you can't fill a grain train without a grain elevator. It reminds me of the old adage, "A general needs an army, and an army needs a general". General interest.

This helps me muchly. It reminds me that grain trains and grain elevators are inexorably linked, and it's a linkage that's obviously a popular one. It's a linkage I will be sure to maintain and preserve!

Look up, look way up,

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