Thursday, January 18, 2018


THIS JUST IN: TWO-VOLUME SET! I'm pleased to announce that there is simply too much material for one book. With over 700 of my photos to include, I've decided to split the one-book project into a two-volume set.

Not-so-creative working titles: Volume 1 - Trains. Volume II - Grains.

When creating my books on VIA Rail, I was committed to keeping my books affordable. That means keeping postage costs manageable, as these are factored into my books' prices. As long as these books weigh in at less than 500 grams, Canada Post handles them for half the price that they would if they were 500 grams or more.

That's all the more reason to split this project up into a two-volume set. One book for the Trains enthusiasts. One book for the Grains enthusiasts. And two books for the ten or so people that enjoy both!

Look up, look way up.


  1. so how does one buy a copy of these books?
    Fred Mullins

    1. Thanks for your question, Fred. These books will be available in spring, 2018 and you'll be able to order through this site! Watch for updates right here!



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