Thursday, January 25, 2018

It was a Good Crop!

Crop and brightness and rotate and contrast and colour! Nearly 800 photos! Two thirds Trains, one third Grains. All for my fall and winter Trains and Grains project.

What did I notice during the photo-editing process?
  • It was really, really enjoyable.
  • Grain elevator photos generally level. Train photos, not so much.
  • Poles. A lot of poles. And wires. I will not be photo-shopping them out.
  • I have viewed these photos many times but have not really 'seen' them. Like hearing someone and not really listening to them.
I'm really looking forward to sharing these photos and getting them out there for posterity. Hughton, SK in 1986 (top photo). If a New York walk-up is called a 'brownstone' then I really like these original 'brownwoods'!

Look up, look way up!

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