Saturday, February 10, 2018

Oh Caption, My Caption!

For the last two weeks, I've been faced with one question. How do I describe this? Well, it's a train at Portage la Prairie, MB. That works for one photo, but what if there are hundreds that can be described that way? 

"What language shall I borrow?" Fortunately, I'm not just captioning from what can be seen in the photo. That is acceptable if it's all that's available. Yet I have notes, numbers and consists to rely on. I have the engine numbers, dates, times, specific subdivision location and much more. But for now, in the above photo, SD's power an eastward CN freight on the Rivers Sub, with VIA's CN-CP connecting track at left and grain moving on the Gladstone Sub at right. That's the bare bones info.

I can write 20-30 captions per hour. But I still need to go back and check each caption against the original notes and the original photo, and proofread for accuracy and completeness before it all goes to my graphic designer.

Then there's the challenge of finding various verbs, sportscaster-like, to describe essentially the same action. Led by, pulled by, powering, leading, switching, backing. You know, train verbs.

Did I mention all the above is actually quite enjoyable?

And yes, for those who are asking, this will all be available come spring (and man, I hope spring is coming!) The two-volume set awaits contributions from two members. Then everything needs to get the once-over. Or twice-over.

Look up, look way up.


  1. Blackwidows and Thundercows! CN the way god intended! Great shot, Eric.

  2. There were a lot of Blackwidows in those days. A lot!
    Thanks for your comment, Elijah.


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