Thursday, October 26, 2017

Oh to have explored Canada's Prairies back then

I see photos like these being posted on Facebook. I read the comments that say "Oh to have explored Canada's prairies back then". It's then that I realize I'm on the right track with this Trains and Grains project. Right where I need to be. The sweet spot.

How can such a recent era be so forgotten due to being under-documented? Actually, very easily.
Aluminum hoppers and Standard, Alberta harvesting.
Look up, look way up.

Saturday, October 14, 2017


As I parked my rented Chevy Cavalier in the shade of the former CN water tower in Wartime, Saskatchewan in 1986, I realized I was fortunate to be in a very special place. The area around Saskatoon was dotted with a plethora of pastoral prairie scenes, with every horizon down the road hosting another approaching elevator town, still rail-served at the time. And I was able to go and explore them!

It's that feeling that I'm trying to recapture more than thirty years later. But it's never too late, is it?

Now that our warm autumn is upon us, it's time to set to work on this project. I'm currently gathering source material and deciding what the reach will be. Wide and encompassing, or perhaps a tighter focus.  

Look up, look way up.