Tuesday, March 27, 2018


542 photos in this book. Here's a small snapshot of the Portage la Prairie snapshots I just shot over to my graphic designer. Fully edited and captioned. 

Volume 1, TRAINS is getting ready for takeoff.

Look up, look way up.

Monday, March 19, 2018

You Can Tell a Cover by its Book

If you believe a cover tells you what's in the book that follows, you're right! With over 400 photos to choose from, cover photos for the above (it's only a mockup) could be a months-long pursuit.

Or just hours. What does the Trains volume contain? Trains! CN, CP, VIA and hey, it's Western Canada so grain shipping has got to be included.

Progress update: Captioning...done! Selection of 10-page colour section photos...done! Hoping to get the first volume to the graphic designer this coming weekend...maybe!

Look up, look way up!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

"I'm Ready When You Are"

Very welcome words I heard this week! Touching base with Bryan my graphic designer, though he's now retired, it sounds like Bryan is ready to go. Like this seasoned snowplow, wearing fresh paint and just outshopped when I photographed CN 55251 behind the Co-op fertilizer shed in Portage in 1982. And now, winter has reportedly descended on Manitoba once again!

I'm currently captioning, thinking of creating ways to describe the action in the photos I'm poised to share with readers. I will be sending the Trains volume to Bryan first, then Grains will follow.

It's amazing to be part of a great team effort, from graphic designer to contributors to your humble book creator!

Look up, look way up,
I know I am!